Black Payback Human Resource Dept

Published on April 15, 2023 by FacialHumiliation

Myself and another king moved into HR because they wanted to increase their social engagement and increase their ESG score through the DEI program we are currently implementing. So, this crakka is working in a bookshop or something, so I said, “Okay, new rules! The only way to fix the discrimination of the past is discrimination now, and the only way to solve discrimination now or in the future. ” So we both shouted the same time, “white bish what are you thinking?” He was very surprised, but it happened that… let my BBC down his throat with his perfect pink puss. Two kings destroy the beautiful cave dweller in the name of diversity and inclusion. I put big mitts on the Peckerwoods neck and squished the pus so hard, his father had chest pains in his palms and soles. We kissed him in the fire and cut his fish for his white ass to fix it. We, the two kings, threw our swords in front of the Edomite, and placed this bull on his head. Man, we all had 2 hours left on the clock, but my brother and I left, and got him to write an essay about what he learned about diversity, equality and inclusion.

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Black Payback

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