Facial Abuse Bred And Spread

Published on June 1, 2023 by FacialHumiliation

I’m really fond of this woman. I adore her big, juicy clitoris. Her genitals are the type I derive the most pleasure from–you know, those kind that look like they’re ready to burst out of a bikini? The Vaccinated Vandal grabbed her in that spot and had his way with her as if she were property. Afterward, Bootleg restrained her with a spreader bar and few toys from the slapper kit. Then they double-penetrated her, which she seemed grateful for when they filled her mouth and stomach with yellow discipline. A bit of throat work helped loosen her up before they took turns banging her face over and over again until it was covered in cum. Bootleg then locked in the figure-four leg hold, almost making it appears as though she was partaking in a special operations exercise. Finally, they made sure all their jizz collected on her face and dribbled down her golden locks. She slurped up that spunk like it was souvlaki.

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Facial Abuse

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